Welcome to the online home of The Genesis Society.

The Genesis Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit NYC-based organization that was developed to help create a vital paradigm shift for our times. Consistent with the vision of our founder and spiritual preceptor, René David Alkalay, the Genesis Society calls out to all seekers of truth to participate in an intercultural and interfaith dialogue through a set of shared goals. “Raising the Sparks,” an expression denoting the elevation of the material world and the awakening of consciousness that connects us to the divine, is the prevalent theme of our programs. Whether through cultural arts, the literature of the wisdom traditions, our relationship with nature, or the discipline of the body, our goal is the integration of mind, body and spirit.

cultural center

The Genesis Cultural Arts Center offers the local community an opportunity to experience the arts, entertain new ideas, develop new talent, and experience first hand the creative talents of our residents. Bringing together visual, literary and performing arts, the Genesis Cultural Center presents programming by which a visitor may experience art exhibitions, musical performances, plays and poetry readings, and modern and classic dance performances.

Center for East-West Studies

The Center for East-West Studies is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of the individual and of the human race through the exploration of religious experience, and a continual process of self-examination leading to a unity of body, mind and spirit. Our programs foster interfaith dialogue and the appreciation of other cultures and spiritual traditions. They are both didactic and experiential with the aim of increasing personal awareness and deepening our individual and global experience as a spritual human family.

Environmental Center

An ongoing environmental program consisting of seminars, discussion groups, special guest speakers, outdoor reclamation projects, and protection and maintenance of local habitat, our Genesis Outdoors program is curriculum based and includes hands-on learning excursions and overnight experiences. Affiliating with national and state parks we explore inspirational locations, hike along many of the well known trails as well as many trails less traveled, and support team-building activities.

Wellness Center

Based on the concept of preserving our lives and protecting the lives of others, the Genesis Society provides free alternative and complementary health education, as well as health and fitness programs. We also offer programs for special groups: veterans, people with disabilities, cancer patients and individuals with MS.

 We invite you to explore our programs here and become part of the needed paradigm shift toward building a health conscious society.

We invite you to explore our programs here and become part of the needed paradigm shift.